Warehouse operating building, 170 m2, close to the highway, Trnava

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Sklady a haly na prenájom v okrese Trnava

We offer for rent a building suitable for operation and storage, situated in a part of town with a quick connection to the R1, D1 motorway.

It is located in a closed, common area, as a detached building.

The space is divided into a warehouse part with an entrance through the gate and a part with a separate entrance, suitable for business, administration, etc ..

Total area: 170m2. From IS: electricity 280/360.

Access by truck to the area - up to 7.5 t possible.

Podrobné informácie

170 m²

Poloha nehnuteľnosti na mape

Nitrianska cesta, Trnava, Slovensko

  • Štát Slovensko
  • Kraj Trnavský
  • Okres Trnava
  • Mesto Trnava
  • Ulica Nitrianska cesta
  • Druh Sklady a haly
  • Typ prenájom
  • Kontakt 0905 733 133
  • Pridané 2. jún 2022 13:30 hod

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