Warehouse hall • 445m2 • in good access to the highway power supply

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Sklady a haly na prenájom v okrese Trnava

We offer for rent a warehouse building on the outskirts of Trnava on Strojárenská Street. Currently adapted as a transhipment station. The building is detached.

The entrance to the building is from the front and both side facades. A total of 20 entrances are created on the longitudinal facades, there are two entrances on the front facade for import.

The building is designed as a single-storey one-story hall with a gabled roof. The internal free layout of the hall is complemented by an insert with a room for employees, an office and an adjoining bathroom.

Total length of the building 36, width 12.26 m. The height at the ridge is 5.54 m

Construction - steel frame / concrete blocks. Insulated. The floor in the hall is made of wire concrete and the floor is made of ceramic tiles.

Undeveloped areas of the area are designed as paved for parking spaces or greenery.

Podrobné informácie

1500 m²
445 m²

Poloha nehnuteľnosti na mape

Strojárenská, Trnava, Slovensko

  • Štát Slovensko
  • Kraj Trnavský
  • Okres Trnava
  • Mesto Trnava
  • Ulica Strojárenská
  • Druh Sklady a haly
  • Typ prenájom
  • Kontakt 0905 733 133
  • Pridané 2. jún 2022 13:43 hod

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